When I met Raeeka, I was desperately sad and thought I will never find a man in my life who would love me and I'll be alone for the rest of my life. Raeeka was compassionate, understanding and incredibly helpful. I followed her teaching and exercises and in a period of just a few weeks, I have noticed tremendous results and progress in my personal and love life. She has transformed me.

Sarah Cook - New York, NY

If you keep wondering why you are still single…

If you are tired of constantly falling for men who don’t share your relationship goals and seem to disappear as soon as things get serious…

If you want to find love with a quality man but are afraid of rejection and the risk of putting yourself out there…

If you want to learn exactly what to do so men experience you as attractive, confident and sexy…

If you want to learn how to use dating sites and apps to your best advantage to attract a high quality man in the 21st century…


If you want to find REAL LOVE and CREATE YOUR DREAM RELATIONSHIP…then read on, because you have come to the right place…

Coaching will put you on the fast track to transforming your dating life and creating the love life you have always dreamed of. In individual coaching sessions with me, you will learn the principles of my “Dating Success System”, and learn how to apply those principles to your own life. My coaching system is designed and structured around the unique needs, goals, and cultural backgrounds of you as an individual client, which contributes to its high success rate. With personal attention and customized insights, my coaching system will help you learn how to feel sexy and confident while dating and gives you the tools to feel completely knowledgeable about dating in the 21st century. Coaching will help you revolutionize your dating approach and your love life at an accelerated pace, so you don’t lose more time waiting to find the man of your dreams.

The questions in your mind and the excuses you might be making for yourself, even as you visit this website, are ones that I hear from wonderful, successful, quality women all the time! Here are some of them:

Why do men always leave? Is there something wrong with me?

I guess men just don’t want to be with a strong, successful woman like me.

I have tried everything, nothing works. I give up.

I am too busy. I don’t need a man. I am OK with being single.

There are no quality men in my town! They are all already taken!

Dating is easy for everyone else, but because of my ethnicity / religion / cultural upbringing / values /  having kids / etc, I can’t seem to find the right guy and no one understands how to help me!

I don’t have the “it factor” that guys are looking for. I am just not a good dater.

My issue is not dating, I get asked out all the time. They just all disappoint me! There are no good matches out there!

There’s no one out there who will understand my career and its demands.

If I get into a relationship, I will have to change who I am or how I live and give up my life.

My kids will not accept me dating, so I just give up.

I am afraid of getting trapped in a situation that I don’t want.

I can’t possibly handle being rejected again.

I am not lucky in love. The ones I love don’t love me back.

The list goes on and on...

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

If the answer is yes, then YES, Dating with Confidence programs are for you.

Dating with Confidence Is the Missing Link to Finding Real Love With Someone

Who Enhances Your Already-Successful Life.

Here's why:

If What You’ve Been Doing Is Not Working You Need Guidance To Be Able To Make A Major Change.
You can’t remain in your comfort zone and keep using the same approach, but still expect a miracle to happen. It doesn’t work that way! You must learn the dating principles and skills and change your actions in order to bring about change. I can coach you on exactly how to make those changes and give you the support you need to maintain them, if you make the commitment to yourself to change the current state of your love life. I guarantee you will not feel alone doing this, because I am right there by your side.

With Coaching, You Will Actually LIVE The Results.
Coaching is the missing link between studying all the books, blogs, training videos, do-it-yourself programs, or even going to therapy sessions and actually seeing results. I will make sure you are taking steps, and enjoying it while creating change. How about that?

Knowing Without Action Is Psychological Entertainment.
Simply knowing intellectually what you need to do to find real love is just not enough to help you create the love life you want with the man of your dreams. I hear this from smart women all the time, “I know,” My response to this is “But you need to ACT like YOU KNOW.” You need to be able to put that knowledge into action. Believe me, miracles will happen and I will help you put your knowledge into the kind of action that will help you to create the results you want in your love life.

You Will Have An Expert To Guide You So You Won’t Waste Any More Time & Energy.
In order to take action, you need accountability and guidance from an expert who can help you breakthrough your blocks to create your unique results. Coaching saves you so much time and energy and you don’t have to do any of it alone.

With Coaching, You Are Investing In My Proven Method That Has Already Helped Hundreds Of Other Women Around The World.
My coaching programs are designed to accommodate the unique challenges, personalities and strengths of each of my individual clients. This is why coaching creates results that no book, video or do it yourself programs can yield. When you commit to coaching, you are investing in a system that has already worked for clients all over the world, and it will work for you.