How To Find Love With A High-Quality, Relationship-Ready Man,
Without Giving Up Who You Are, Feeling Trapped, Or Settling
For Someone Who’s Just Not Right For You!

No More Struggling To Figure Everything Out Yourself. Let Me Help You
Break The Patterns That Keep You Stuck And Single!

Women From All Walks Of Life Are
Finding Lasting Love With Raeeka’s Help!

 Sally went from meeting lots of bad matches to attracting a great man. Now they’re traveling around the world and living together.

Amanda not only feels more confident in dating, but also got a promotion at work thanks to Raeeka’s coaching.

Sarah married the man of her dreams last year and is now expecting her first child thanks to the coaching.

Finally! A Program Designed For Successful,
Achievement-Oriented Women Who Value Their Careers,
And Aren’t Willing To Settle When It Comes To Love!

Let me ask you something…

  • Are you’re tired of going on dates with guys who are not at your level?
  • Do you find yourself dating men who have “potential”, but then end up disappointed? Or even worse, you end up over-giving with a guy who doesn’t really deserve you in the first place?
  • Do you sometimes worry that you’d have to give up on your career ambitions just to have a relationship with a decent man?
  • Are you tired of looking at the dating pool and asking yourself, “Is this all that’s left? Where are all the good men?”

Listen, it’s not your fault. You were never taught how to have a successful career AND be successful in dating. Us women are taught that love will just find us suddenly and magically, and we’ll live happily ever after. And the message that gets sent to us over and over again is that we have to choose either a career or love. Well I’m here to tell you that you can have both.

You’re a unique and powerful woman, and you need a solution that’s as unique and powerful as you are. You need someone who can help you cut through the fluff and nonsense, and help you see what’s really going wrong (and how to fix it… fast).

That’s why I created a unique group coaching program. It’s everything you’d get if you worked 1-on-1 with me, without the $7,000 price tag. Plus, you get the added value of being part of a small, intimate community of women who are all on the same path as you.

So, let’s talk about YOUR love life!

If you’re tired of wondering if you will ever find love with a quality and relationship-ready man…

If you ‘re done attracting the wrong guys and ending up with dead-end dates…

If you worry that finding love means losing yourself and giving up on your dreams, yet deep down you want to fall in love and be loved…

If you feel like you’ve been doing everything your mother, sister, or girlfriends have told you, or you’ve read the books and blogs, and studied the video and audio trainings but you are still not finding love…

Then you must really ask yourself:

Do you still want to try the
same things you’ve been doing
(which honestly is going to
give you the same results)?

Or are you ready to learn from
an expert, do what other women
who have created success in love
have done, and FINALLY CREATE


What’s Included In The Irresistible Woman Group Coaching Program

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20 “Irresistible Woman” Audio Trainings – This is a comprehensive step-by-step training that will help you create and build on your dating and relationship emotional foundation. This is the core of the education I give my 1 on 1 clients.

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20 “Irresistible Woman” Action Guides – Each lesson in the coaching program comes with downloadable PDF that helps you actually implement what you learn each week. This way, you’ll always know what to do next and how to integrate what you learn in your life. We want you to get results, and these guides help make that happen.

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12 Interactive Group Coaching Calls. This is where you and I, along with the other ladies in the course, get on weekly video conference calls using the Zoom platform. I like Zoom because it lets us all see each other through our webcams and it’s free. You can also call in using a regular phone if you’d like. During these calls, we will get together, and I’ll personally answer your dating questions and coach you to remove any dating barriers so you can effortlessly find love.

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Lifetime Access To All The Program Content And Coaching Call RecordingsThis is so you can listen to them over and over again as often as you’d like to reinforce the learnings.

Private Facebook Group: The Irresistible Woman Community

This is your place to ask me any question you might have in between coaching calls, as well as meet and make friends with like minded women who are on the same path with the same mindset and skills to find love.

Often times the students will share their successes, struggles, their stories of going on a date and what happened, screenshots of texts they have exchanged with men, or their online dating profile and photos for my feedback. This is the place where you can plug into our supportive community anytime you want to and interact with us. This group is 100% private and only for women going through this group coaching program with you, so your privacy is assured and honored

20 Lessons in 4 Modules of Audio Training, Including:

1. Who Is the Irresistible Woman
2. Becoming The Irresistible Woman
3. Irresistible Woman’s Success Formula
4. Irresistibility Assessment
5. Dating Detox

1. Discovering The Field Of Possibilities In Love
2. Activating Your Irresistible Energy
3. Who Am I & What Do I Want in Love
4. Discovering My Irresistible Super Powers

1. The Truth vs. The F.A.C.Ts About Love
2. Love Walls & Vulnerability
3. Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Dating Rut
4. Self-Compassion
5. Forgiveness
6. Amplifying My Irresistibility

1. Irresistible Woman’s Guide To Dating
2. Relationship Non-Negotiables
3. Creating Chemistry Irresistible Style
4. Irresistible Communication Skills
5. Recognizing & Handling Red Flags

You Also Get These 7 Bonuses Absolutely Free!

BONUS #1:  Master Your Dating Mindset Course ($97 value)
You get 5 video trainings to help you master your mindset around dating to help you find love. When you have the right mindset, dating becomes a lot easier. You’re no longer at the effect of what happens, but rather you’re dating on your terms.

BONUS #2:  Discover Your Biggest Dating Mistakes Course ($97 value)
You’ll get 12 trainings that come in both video and downloadable audio format so you can listen at any time/anywhere you wish, to help you discover the biggest and most common dating mistakes that smart and successful single ladies make without even knowing they’re doing it. You’ll learn how to uncover and eliminate these dating mistakes that are sabotaging your love life, one mistake at a time.

BONUS #3: A Guide Of Interesting Conversation Starters For Irresistible First Date Communication ($47 value)

This is a list of simple and effective conversation starters that will help you connect with a man and learn about him in a fun and authentic way, replacing the boring “resumé exchange” session. You can use these questions during the first encounters with him, like when you first meet him at a party, or if you met him online, or when you go on your first first date. They help open up the conversation and make it much more interesting and fun and help you become more memorable to him.

BONUS #4:  Online Dating Action Guide for the Irresistible Woman ($97 value)

This is an important action guide showing you step by step how to write an effective and irresistible online dating profile. If you’ve ever stared at the blank screen and felt stuck about what to write, this guide will walk you through the process so it becomes easy, effortless, and fun. Not to mention it’s going to help you stand out in the crowded world of online dating AND help you weed out the men that are not a match for you right off the bat.

BONUS #5: “Ask A Quality Man Anything” Group Call With A REAL QUALITY MAN! ($100 value)
A bonus live call with a real quality man where you can ask him directly questions you might have from the male perspective. This is insanely valuable, because you’ll get real, straight answers that regular men won’t give you or just don’t know how to give you, because they don’t have the words to explain what’s going on with them. This man that I’ve lined up absolutely does.

BONUS #6: Sexy At Any Size ($197 value)

I’ve joined forces with America’s #1 dating stylist and coach Kimberly Seltzer in a 3 part video series to show you how you can stay true to yourself with your style and image. That way, you’ll be able to feel sexy, no matter what size, height, or shape you are.


You’ll get tips for how to look your best on your online dating profile. You’ll also get tips for how to put together a great first-date outfit and makeup. Why? Because I want you to represent the irresistible you both inside and out. And as a side note girl talk, I want you to feel like you radiate the sexual energy from the first moment you meet Mr. Right, so that when the time is right, you can confidently move to the next level.

BONUS #7: I Haven’t Heard From Him… What Do I Do? ($47 value)
I’ll give you tools for how to stay calm and avoid freaking out and getting upset if he stops replying to your texts, calls, or emails. Often times it’s not because he’s really “ghosting” you, as you’ll discover in this bonus. You’ll learn ways to communicate compassionately with him… including specific phrases you can use… so that he feels like he has a chance to win with you. Because that’s what we really want… men who step up and make good choices about how they treat you!

Listen To What Students Have To Say About Raeeka’s Coaching

Women who are sick of trying to figure this out on their own and getting nowhere. They want to finally start getting results.
Women who don’t want to have to choose between having a career and having a loving relationship. They know they can have it all.
Women who only want to learn from the best (so they don’t waste years of painful trial and error).
Women who recognize the value of high-quality coaching, and who are willing to invest the time and resources into themselves.
Women who recognize that this problem does not get better on its own, and that getting the help of a professional is the best way to go.
Women who don’t want to have to choose between having a career and having a loving relationship. They know they can have it all.
Women who are lazy and want a magic bullet that does all the work for them (sorry, that doesn’t exist).
Women who would rather make men wrong instead of learning how to attract ones who are a better match.
Women who are convinced that men are the ones who should change, not them (even though they’re not getting any results with what they’re doing now).
Women who expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter and for free. They believe that they shouldn’t have to invest money into learning about love (even though they spent tens of thousands learning about their career).

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Program Today

20 “Irresistible Woman” Advanced Audio Trainings ($2200 Value)

20 Step-by-Step “Irresistible Woman” Action Guide ($500 Value)

12 Interactive Group Coaching Calls ($1300 Value)

Private Facebook “Irresistible Woman” Community ($700 Value)

Lifetime access to all the content and & coaching call recordings (Priceless!)

And this is in addition to the $680 in bonuses you’re getting for free when you sign up today.

BONUS #1: Master Your Dating Mindset Course ($97 value)

BONUS #2: Discover Your Biggest Dating Mistakes Course ($97 value)

BONUS #3: A Guide Of Interesting Conversation Starters ($47 value)

BONUS #4: Online Dating Action Guide For The Irresistible Woman ($97 value)

BONUS #5: “Ask a Quality Man Anything” Group Call With A REAL QUALITY MAN! ($100 value)

BONUS #6: Sexy At Any Size ($197 value)

BONUS #7: I Haven’t Heard From Him… What Do I Do? ($47 value)

Total Value: $5,380
Today’s Low Price: $997

Yes, I’m Ready To Join The Irresistible
Woman’s Group Coaching Program



Click on the plus sign to read the answer to each question

When does this program start?

Irresistible Woman Program begins on November 1st, and runs for four months, so it runs through February 28th of 2019.

Are the coaching sessions live or recorded?

The coaching sessions are live and on my video conference line on Zoom. You will get a special link so that you can attend the sessions, in person. They will also be recorded, so you’ll never miss a thing. The trainings themselves are pre-recorded and uploaded to a private, online portal. You’ll have access to the trainings and the coaching calls for life.

How will I access the recordings?

You will get access to a password-protected portal where all the recordings and materials will be available to you

After we are done with the course, will I lose access to the portal?

No, you will have lifetime access to all the materials so you can review it as often as you’d like. You can either stream the content from our member’s portal, or you can download it to your computer to review it offline.

My girlfriends didn’t have to take a program or coaching, and they have great relationships. Why should I?

The only love life that matters here is YOURS. And regardless of what your friends did, if what you’re doing isn’t working, then it’s time for a change. Situations vary from person to person. Your friends aren’t in the same place when it comes to creating your love life. But I know they’ll respect you for doing what it takes to find love.

How do I know if this program is for me?

Irresistible Woman will teach you how to attract the right men for you and stop wasting time with the ones who aren’t a match. You will learn how to effortlessly and confidently navigate the world of dating. You will learn empowering ways to manage your emotions and express yourself, so that you can keep your integrity and stay true to yourself.

You’ll also begin to exude an irresistible quality that will put you in the top 1% of single women out there in the dating world. The result? High-quality men who are ready to be in a relationship will begin to see you, notice you, and pursue you. It’s that simple. If you use what you learn in Irresistible Woman, it will work for you.

Why? The principles of how men and women interact are universal. While everyone is different and every situation is different, the essential components are always the same. This program will give you control over how you show up around men. If you’re willing to invest the time in yourself, you’ll get results.

I’ve already tried other programs and they didn't work. Why would this be any different?

Irresistible Woman provides a built-in support system that puts you on track and keeps you moving forward. That said, the results won’t magically happen. You must be committed to your vision of your love life. You also need to listen to the training audios, do the homework, and show up to the live coaching calls.

I still have questions that aren’t answered here.

No problem. You can email me (Raeeka) at:, and I’ll get back to you right away.