Raeeka is gifted with an awesome ability to listen patiently, analyze fairly, and provide feedback clearly. She can see through the best of you and motivate you in a completely honest way. She has uplifted me in ways I have rarely experienced in my life.

Faranak – Texas

I was in a very bad place when I started my work with Raeeka, with many crises occurring in my life at the same time. She helped me immensely from the very first session. Her empathy, perception, patience, and knowledge of the human condition are truly amazing. I had never worked with a coach before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was very surprised at the rigor of my assignments, and their effectiveness. I feel already that I am on a swift road to becoming a grounded, more centered, happier person. I am excited to continue my work with Raeeka.

D. G. – California

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Raeeka as a coach. Raeeka helped me realize my internal blocks that have been preventing me from achieving my goals in life. She is tough when needed and always supportive. I look forward to our sessions and feel that she really understands how to help people realize their true potential.

Loren Maurer – Massachusetts

Being coached by Raeeka made me see new perspectives and reset my value system. The hardest thing in this process was facing myself, with honesty and getting the assurance that I am not being judged. Raeeka has the talent of easing this process for me. She is flexible, available and efficient at giving you the tools that are just right for you, as if she custom designed them for you!

Laura – Illinois

Working with Raeeka has completely changed my life for the better.  Raeeka has helped me overcome the challenges I set for myself regarding self-confidence and accountability.  My relationships with my parents have improved greatly–I can now communicate with them successfully and maturely while maintaining the utmost respect for their views.  My social life has improved as well as my schoolwork because of my new-found desire to never be a victim and to take control of my life rather than drift through it idly.  Thanks to my work with Raeeka, I walk around every day with the knowledge I am good enough for me and that is all that matters.

Katy – California