Before I met Raeeka, I almost gave up on dating and finding love. I couldn’t understand it, it was super emotional for me and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. During our work together, we discovered how my dating approach was holding me back. We uncovered dating patterns that drained my energy. She guided me through my dating life, providing feedback and asking deep questions that helped me change my dating approach. This work resulted in a whole new approach to dating. I no longer dread going out, my online dating profile attracts a lot of good quality men (we worked on it together).  I feel like I know what I am doing now when it comes to men, dating and love and I am more relaxed and actually enjoy going on dates. The tools she taught me gave me a lot of confidence to navigate the dating world. I am so grateful to have met her for she changed my life. These might be big words but it is true. She is an amazing coach! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help around dating!

Irina – Washington D.C.