Raeeka is absolutely a delight. When we first started, I told her that I have very little faith in the process, but that I was open to trying it. Raeeka started to challenge all my notions of dating, happiness, success and what it meant to be a grown woman in a Persian Community. As our sessions unraveled picking a partner became significantly easier. Next thing I knew I had met my current husband with whom I have now built a wonderful life and we are about to have our first child.

Banafsheh – Los Angeles, CA

Working with Raeeka was a godsend to me after my divorce. She is an extremely insightful person who always tells it to you like it is, but always does so with extreme compassion and humor. She helped make a difficult time into a fun time of dating exploration, and helped me realize so much about myself and my beliefs about love and relationships that were holding be back from finding real happiness…not just happiness in a relationship, but happiness with myself. I appreciated that her approach with me was not focused on me finding a new relationship right away, but on taking time to enjoy dating and being independent, so I would be ready when the right relationship came along. After a year of learning about myself and having fun with dating, I am now in a very supportive relationship and couldn’t be happier.

Maggie Brower – Cincinnati, OH

When I met Raeeka, I was desperately sad and thought I will never find a man in my life who would love me and I’ll be alone for the rest of my life. Raeeka was compassionate, understanding and incredibly helpful. I followed her teaching and exercises and in a period of just a few weeks, I have noticed tremendous results and progress in my personal and love life. She has transformed me.

Sarah Cook – New York, NY

Raeeka is sincerely a gifted motivational individual. She put my thoughts in a much better and more concrete perspective. She is very passionate, enthusiastic, and caring. She walked me through every step of the coaching with grace, affection, and concern.

Yassaman – Berkeley, CA

I would strongly recommend Raeeka because I was feeling very comfortable to share my stories with her. She was right to the point figuring out how to help me overcome my fears and concerns about dating and relationships.

Maryam – San Francisco, CA

Raeeka has a very efficient way of getting one to see the self defeating thoughts in oneself and knows how to help turn them into positive, productive thoughts which lead to more energy!

Jane – San Francisco, CA

Raeeka has helped me getting unstuck in my relationship by focusing on what is most important to me. I feel there is some motion to our relationship that had been stale for a while. She also taught me “say what you mean and mean what you say”. I keep reminding myself about that every time I talk to my husband.

Bonnie – Palo Alto, CA

Working with Raeeka helped me review and reset my own behavior and values. It’s very important to accept our responsibility in a breakup, and not get stuck in the blaming game. Raeeka gave me tools to do that and move forward.

Ladan – Paris, France

Raeeka is gifted with an awesome ability to listen patiently, analyze fairly, and provide feedback clearly. She can see through the best of you and motivate you in a completely honest way. She has uplifted me in ways I have rarely experienced in my life.

Faranak – Austin, TX

I was in a very bad place when I started my work with Raeeka, with many crises occurring in my life at the same time. She helped me immensely from the very first session. Her empathy, perception, patience, and knowledge of the human condition are truly amazing. I had never worked with a coach before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was very surprised at the rigor of my assignments, and their effectiveness. I feel already that I am on a swift road to becoming a grounded, more centered, happier person. I am excited to continue my work with Raeeka.

D. G. – San Jose, CA