High-Achieving Ladies' Guide to Successful Dating:


Attract the kind of man you really want

Date and build a relationship without sacrificing the life you’ve worked so hard to build!


  • The NUMBER ONE reason that might be holding you back from finding Mr. Right
  • How to build the same kind of success in your love life that you’ve built in other parts of your life
  • How to bridge the gap between blind spots that could be keeping you single and actually manifesting the love life you desire
  • The exact dating approach I used that helped me shift my own love life 180º, find the love of my life, and create a life that I love after years of being unsuccessful in relationships

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Meet Sarah & Irina

"Taking Raeeka’s Master Your Dating Mindset course was a gift. The most valuable thing I learned through Raeeka's training was that I am the common denominator in my past relationships that haven’t worked out. It was empowering to realize I could take responsibility for my own mindset to create the love life I desire!"

Sarah - New Jersey, NY

"Before taking Raeeka's Master Your Dating Mindset program, I was feeling almost apathetic about dating and was ready to give up on it all together. After taking Raeeka's Master Your Dating Mindset program I learned how to create a positive mindset and see dating in a whole new light as fun, easy and enjoyable activity that helps me to find my life partner. I am able now to get myself out of funk very quickly, go on dates with confidence and curiosity that in its turn creates pleasurable experiences."

Irina - Washington D.C.

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It’s a fact: so many successful women struggle with dating. Like Sarah said above, when it comes to all of the relationships in your life, YOU are the common denominator. The tools contained in the ‘Master Your Dating Mindset’ Challenge are the very tools that will allow you to lay the right foundation and take your love life into your own hands, getting the results you want and deserve! Most successful women are EXACTLY like Sarah and Irina: amazing women who have been on numerous dates with guys that just seemed to lead to nowhere. After working through The Broken Picker Solution and the ‘Master Your Dating Mindset’ Challenge, these women have become empowered to create the love lives they desire, and you can do this too!

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Get a BONUS FREE 20 Minute "DATING BLOCK BREAKTHROUGH" Coaching Call with Raeeka

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