Ladies if you are ready to find love, then let’s chat [Time Sensitive]

First of all I am loving getting to know you in this group and thank you for those of you are active and show up to the live calls.I LOVE knowing my community personally. <3

Now to the real talk… How is dating going for you so far in 2018?

It’s mid February and before we know it, spring is here and a quarter of the year is gone. And if you made a promise to yourself that this is your year you are getting this dating thing handled and wanna find love, then let’s chat…

Let me ask you something…

When it comes to deciding if a guy is worth your time, are you making that choice in men based on IMPORTANT qualities or ATTRACTIVE qualities?

My guess is if you are still single… then the answer is ATTRACTIVE.

Bare with me… this is pretty important and it’s the kinda stuff your sisters or girlfriends will not be able to tell you. And it’s a mistake SO MANY women are making that is keeping them perpetually single.

Before you think I am telling you to settle for the unattractive men, just take a deep breath and hear me out. I am ALL for you dating a hot man. I have a hot man myself and I don’t see why you can’t have the same who is at the same time relationship-ready, committed, and amazing at being in a relationship with you.

So often I see women who are smart, savvy, ambitious, and successful like you – women who are bad-asses at their careers -continually attract men who are not relationship ready.

They are a magnet to the players, the quality casual, the needy, and the non-committal men, because these women…

1- are approaching men and dating the same way that they went about creating success in their careers (that approach won’t work because the two situations require different approaches)

2- are after the attractive qualities rather than important ones (and you might jump in right now and say well I MUST have chemistry with the guy and I must be attracted to him. And my answer to you is ALL OF US WANT THAT. No one including me is going to want to settle down with a man she can’t physically stand!)

3- have not learned the tools and the approach that would help them date successfully, so in the pool of single women they are in the 90% who are not standing out while what they need is to be in top 10%. (Yes I know your married cousin or friends didn’t take classes or hire a coach either and your friends or hairdresser is giving you plenty of “advice” but how’s that working for you?)

So let’s have some real talk:

As long as attractive qualities, judgement, fear, being protective, not wanting to be hurt, “never again,” hopelessness, frustration, “I don’t wanna seem desperate,” or “I don’t need a man anyway” are guiding you to choose men, you’ll be where you are right now.

Here’s an example of what a relationship-ready man will do:

Last week, when I came home exhausted to my bones after a week of signing a title role in one of Puccini’s operas (yep I am also a professional opera singer), I saw that Tim surprised me by cooking for me and the kitchen was spotless. (because I am a neat freak and he knows that’s really important to me)

Love is about the important qualities, not the “attractive” surface ones.

And let me tell you, Tim is no exception. Nope! He’s a regular man who wants a woman who is committed to him, cares for him, chooses to be with him and knows he is within reason her priority.

Oh yeah, he is not exceptional! On our first date, his outfit was OUTRAGEOUS. And don’t even get me started on what he did when we went to the symphony!!!! To say I was shocked and pissed is an understatement…

But thank God I knew better than to judge him and rule him out.

Trust me, I really had to center myself not to judge. The idea of a gift to me from Tim is to give me an office chair for my desk. NOT romantic, right? Just imagine my face when I saw it…WTF!!!!

Especially since he hadn’t gotten me one piece of jewelry after being together in a relationship for 3 years. But to him, getting me a comfortable chair to keep my body from hurting while I work was a much more important way to show his love and care for me because being in that chair is such a big part of what I do every day.


The one who will choose YOU, care for YOU, prioritize YOU, cook for YOU, do whatever he does to show his language of love – everybody’s different.


The level from which you approach dating, men, love and relationships is going to be THE game changer.

You CAN and have the power to be the IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN that quality men are looking for. I don’t mean sexy, red high-heels, hot lipstick, cleavage, thin, kind of Irresistible. Nope! Though none of those are bad or good – they’re just surface qualities.

I’m talking about your energy, your presence…that your being is such that he can’t get you off of his mind, and he will pursue you in HIS WAY because he sees that you are the real deal. YOU are the TOP 10%.

What breaks my heart is often smart, savvy, successful women don’t know how to show up as their irresistible selves. They think being a bad-ass at work, their educational degree or one up-ing a man and being the tough woman shows strength and quality. NO NO NO!!! You are telling him “Go away, I don’t need you!”


If you are ready to kick some #IrresistibleWoman butt in 2018 and find love, I wanna talk to YOU. because YOU are my kinda gal!

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