What would if feel like for you…

To be the woman whose energy is a magnet for quality and relationship-ready men? To be the woman who quality men can’t help but pursue? To be the woman who dates effortlessly and confidently? To know that you have all the tools to be successful in your love life, just like you are successful in all other areas of your life? AMAZING, Right?!

You are a smart, successful, loving woman, BUT… What’s keeping you single? What’s holding you back from having a successful love life? Why can’t your ideal man seem to find you? Why do you keep attracting men who aren’t healthy for you and who don’t give you the love and respect you deserve?

A Personal Note from Raeeka Yaghmai, Creator of Your Irresistible Woman Program

Hi Lovely Lady, I want to share a little fact with you about dating. According to the census, there are more single women in the U.S. now more than ever. 53% of singles are women and 47% are men. So, the competition for women to find a man is strong. AND… here’s the deal: out of all the single women who are out there, not all will succeed in finding love because many are operating at a level that is not attracting single, quality, relationship-ready men. In other words, they are the opposite of being irresistible. And to be clear about what I mean by being irresistible, I mean the kind of woman whose energy and presence is magnetic. She carries herself in a way that ensures quality men will would make every effort to win her heart. What if you could learn the tools to rise up to the TOP 10% of the single women out there?  I want to be totally honest with you. Creating the love life you desire and dream of doesn’t happen magically. It requires you to admit to what you don’t know, to take responsibility for educating yourself about how to do it well, and to commit to the new process even if it means you must step out of your comfort zone. Here’s the truth: Finding real love with an amazing man who could possibly become your fiance, husband, or life partner will not happen through blogs, videos, free webinars, and free breakthrough sessions… because if it did, you’d be there by now. I know you’re smart and you won’t stop until you get the information you need. The truth is you can’t white knuckle your way through dating and magically hope that the guy will turn out to be “the one.” While there are endless blogs and vlogs giving you tips and scripts, you will need the real information, the dating tools, and the proven formula to create success in your love life IN ADDITION to the attention of an expert who can help you uncover your dating blind spots, teach you step-by-step how to go about it, and give you the customized support that is best for YOU (not a generic formula).


Meet International Dating Coach Raeeka Yaghmai, Creator of the “Irresistible Woman” Program

Hi! I’m Raeeka Yaghmai, founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™. I am a certified life coach and a dating and relationship expert for single women (as well as a professional opera singer). Why do I coach women on how to date and find love? Part of the reason is because for years I struggled to find love with the right man. I understand first-hand how frustrating, lonely, and confusing dating and finding love can be! It took me years to figure out the principles to successful dating that I can now teach you in just a few months through my Dating Success System at Dating with Confidence™. I know how to turn your love life around and help you find the kind of real love you always dreamed of but never imagined could be POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

I coach my clients on how to date with confidence, charm, playfulness, and curiosity, and I teach them the principles to attracting and building strong relationships with quality men! Through working with me and learning my step-by-step Dating Success System, my clients discover their inner irresistibility and attraction factor, allowing them to invite true love into their lives. My clients learn effective tools to break the patterns getting in the way of their dating and love life success, and they start attracting the men who are in alignment with their values and their vision for their ideal lives.

I love helping and empowering women to discover that deep sense of self-love, which allows them to effortlessly reveal their authentic sexiness and confidence. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients find love with the supportive, caring, and passionate man of their dreams!

It’s a natural human instinct to want to love and be loved, and I love being on this journey with women who are committed to creating a life full of passion, love, and fulfillment.

To YOUR love life!

So, let’s talk about YOUR love life!

If you’re tired of wondering if you will ever find love with a quality and relationship-ready man…

If you ‘re done attracting the wrong guys and ending up with dead-end dates…

If you worry that finding love means losing yourself and giving up on your dreams, yet deep down you want to fall in love and be loved…

If you feel like you’ve been doing everything your mother, sister, or girlfriends have told you, or you’ve read the books and blogs, and studied the video and audio trainings but you are still not finding love…

Then you must really ask yourself:

Do you still want to try the
same things you’ve been doing
(which honestly is going to
give you the same results)?

Or are you ready to learn from
an expert, do what other women
who have created success in love
have done, and FINALLY CREATE



The “Irresistible Woman” program is for you if:

Creating your love life is just as important as any other area of your life

You’re ready to commit to yourself and what your heart desires

You’re ready to invest in learning how to date successfully and creating a love life you desire

You’re done wishing and hoping and are ready to be the woman who gets the quality guy

You want to date confidently and are done second-guessing yourself

You’re no longer willing to tolerate the dating dramas, dating burnouts, and dating ruts

You know what you’re doing is not working and you’re willing to change it even if it scares you

You want to have the guidance of an expert certified dating coach

If the above resonates with you, then check out what my clients who have created success with my Irresistible Woman formula are saying:

At Dating with Confidence, my commitment is to give my clients the effective dating tools that will support them to create their love stories!

What Does Your “Irresistible Woman” Program Include?

The Irresistible Woman program includes 20 comprehensive and detailed training audios and step-by-step action guides designed to walk you through the four phases of helping you access and activate the Irresistible Woman within YOU using Dating with Confidence’s  proven Dating Success Formula! This is not just another online course in “how to do it.” It’s an actual experience in shifting your sabotaging dating habits into confident, irresistible qualities so you can master the art of effortless attraction and create the love life you desire. ALSO – this program is designed for savvy, smart, successful, ambitious busy single women. That means the course is designed so you will never have to worry about missing anything. You will enjoy lifetime access to the online course portal that houses all the training, workbooks, and bonuses. In addition, all the coaching calls are recorded, and you have the opportunity to ask your questions in advance to get them answered on the coaching calls if you will not be able to make it to the live calls. You also have daily access to Raeeka (on weekdays) in our private Facebook community to support you during the program (Priceless!).

The Irresistible Woman Program includes:

Twenty (20) Comprehensive Downloadable Audio Trainings & Step-by-Step Action Guides on How to Become Irresistible

Five (5) “Ask Raeeka Questions” Interactive Group Coaching calls

Lifetime access to all the program content and coaching call recordings

Access to Raeeka’s private Facebook “Irresistible Woman” community where Raeeka will answer any questions you might have, support you in between the coaching calls, and pop up in Facebook live posts to connect with you

Here is how you will break away from sabotaging patterns that are keeping you single so you can shine as the Irresistible YOU and stand out in the top 10% of single women so quality men will SEE YOU and PURSUE YOU!


20 Lessons in 4 Modules of Audio Training, Including:

MODULE 1: BECOMING THE IRRESISTIBLE YOU 1. Who Is the Irresistible Woman 2. Becoming The Irresistible Woman 3. Irresistible Woman’s Success Formula 4. Irresistibility Assessment 5. Dating Detox

MODULE 2:  DISCOVER YOUR IRRESISTIBILITY 1. Discovering The Field Of Possibilities In Love 2. Activating Your Irresistible Energy 3. Who Am I & What Do I Want in Love 4. Discovering My Irresistible Super Powers

MODULE 3:  DETACH FROM SABOTAGING DATING PATTERNS 1. The Truth vs. The F.A.C.Ts About Love 2. Love Walls & Vulnerability 3. Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Dating Rut 4. Self-Compassion 5. Forgiveness 6. Amplifying My Irresistibility

MODULE 4:  DATE DYNAMICALLY AND ATTRACT QUALITY MEN 1. Irresistible Woman’s Guide To Dating 2. Relationship Non-Negotiables 3. Creating Chemistry Irresistible Style 4. Irresistible Communication Skills 5. Recognizing & Handling Red Flags

PLUS! You’ll Also Receive Additional BONUSES & Resources When You Enroll Today!

BONUS #1: Master Your Dating Mindset Course ($97 value)
5 Trainings to help you master your mindset around dating to help you find love.
This course designed for savvy, smart, and busy single ladies and includes five trainings that come in both video and downloadable audio format so you can listen at any time/anywhere you wish, and it’s accompanied by a step-by-step workbook.

BONUS #2: Discover the Biggest Dating Mistakes Course ($97 value)
12 trainings that come in both video and downloadable audio format so you can listen at any time/anywhere you wish, to help you discover the biggest and most common dating mistakes that smart and successful single ladies make without even knowing they’re doing it. You’ll learn how to unravel these dating blind spots that are sabotaging your love life, one mistake at a time.

BONUS #3: Online Dating Action Guide for the Irresistible Woman ($97 value)
An effective action guide showing you step by step how you need to write an effective online profile.

BONUS #4: A Guide of Interesting Conversation Starters for Irresistible First Date Communication ($97 value)
A list of perfect conversation starters that will help you connect with a man and learn about him in a fun and authentic way, replacing the boring “resume exchange” session.

BONUS #5: “Ask a Quality Man Anything” Group Call with a REAL QUALITY MAN! (PRICELESS!)
A bonus live call with a real quality man where you can ask him directly questions you might have from the male perspective