1. Customer support contact info

For any tech troubles or admin questions, contact our Customer Success Director, Bradi Roberts, at

2. I have not received an email from you?

1. MOST IMPORTANT STEP IS TO add the following two emails to your email address book:

>> Raeeka Yaghmai’s Email (Master Dating Coach) 

>> Bradi Roberts (Customer Success Director):

2. Check your spam or junk box. If you found our email proceed to

3. If you use gmail, check your “social” and “promotional” boxes

4. If you still can’t find the email go to this link to submit your name and email again to receive your welcome email. Please wait 5-7 minutes to receive an email from us.

5. If you still are not receiving an email please contact Bradi Roberts (email is in step 1)

3. Add our email addresses to your email contacts

Make sure the following emails are added to your email address book to ensure get all the important information we send via email.

Raeeka’s Email >> 

Bradi Roberts (Customer Success Director) >>

5. Is our Facebook group private?

Our FB group is private, meaning no one outside of the group will be able to see any of the content in the group. You will see the posts on your feed, but that is only visible to you and not to any of your FB friends who are NOT in the group.

6. I am not on Facebook. What should I do?

If you do not have a FB account, please email our Customer Success Director, Bradi Roberts, at and we’ll help you with a solution. Many women who prefer to have their privacy or don’t use FB or social media, create an alias account just to join our group and for the purposes or our trainings.

7. Turn on all notifications for our FB group

If you’d like to ensure that you are aware of all the activity in this group, turn on your group notification setting to “ALL NOTIFICATIONS.”

8. Facebook Group Codes:

We take our group codes super seriously to make this a safe group for all of you. Should a member break the group codes, they will be removed from the group and the training and all Dating with Confidence communities immediately. 

  • OUR AGREEMENT: Our agreement is that you’re getting this course valued at $497 at NO CHARGE in exchange for feedback and video or written testimonials+your photo. Those who stop participating, doing the homework, not showing up or not giving feedback and testimonial WILL BE PROMPTLY REMOVED from the group and their access to the course will be revoked.
  • COMMITMENT: Be 100% committed. This will give you the opportunity to see HUGE transformation, and I can’t wait to see that for you.
  • SAFE GROUP: Be kind, respectful and supportive with each other.
  • POSITIVITY: Bring your best self to this group. We rise when we life each other up. No judging. No shaming. No bashing. To have a loving partner, we must be loving.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: What’s said here, stays here.
  • NO ADVISING: The only person who is allowed to give advice is me. Why? To protect all of you from getting the incorrect guidance. What’s so amazing about you working with a certified and super experienced dating and relationship coach  is that you get proper guidance, which is very different than what 90% of women out there are getting: advice from their sisters, friends and hairdressers who have no expertise around dating but their own personal experience and opinion. Here you are getting brain-based tools to transform your love life. You are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences to inspire each other in the “I” form.

i.e., “For me, when I feel that way, I have done XYZ and it has helped me. I hope this supports you.”

9. Hosting Watch Parties

Please DO NOT host Watch Parties in the Facebook group. This causes confusion for other members.

10. Training & Coaching Dates/Times

The training and coaching call schedule varies. Please read carefully and schedule on your calendar accordingly. 


TUE SEP 24th  [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="4:30"]″]-5:30 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – TRAINING #1

THU SEP 26th [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="4:30"]″]-6 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – COACHING #1

TUE OCT 1 – [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="5:30"]″]-6:30 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – TRAINING #2

WED OCT 2 – [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="5:30"]″]-7pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – COACHING #2

THU OCT 3 – [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="5:30"]″]-6:30 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – TRAINING #3

SAT OCT 5 – 11:00am-12:30 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – COACHING #3

To find the local time for you, go on this link:

11. Training and Coaching Call Replays

All replays are available immediately in our private Facebook group. Here is the link of the post to find all the replay links:


12. What time zone are the calls in?

All calls are in Pacific Time (Los Angeles) time zone. To find the local time for you, go on this link:

13. What if I can’t make it to a call?

If you can’t make it to a training or coaching call, the recording of the call will be immediately available in our private FB group on this link:


All calls are in Pacific Time (Los Angeles) time zone. To find the local time for you, go on this link:

14. Where do the trainings & coaching calls happen? (Note that they are different.)

  • All of our TRAINING calls will happen via FB LIVE in our private group (See link in step 1). The training calls are not private, as they will also be simultaneously broadcast to our Business Page. On the training calls, I am talking and teaching so you don’t need to worry about being exposed outside of our private group.
  • All of our COACHING calls will happen on our PRIVATE video conference line on Zoom where you and I can coach face to face. These calls are private and will be simultaneously broadcast ONLY in our private group. These calls are private so you can easily open up and talk to me on our coaching calls.
  • The coaching calls are designed for you to get direct face time support from me so you create success in your dating process.

15. Coaching call Zoom link:

Zoom is a FREE application. If you don’t have it on your phone and desktop, please download it in advance. I HIGHLY recommend that you join via your desktop as it makes chatting on there much easier and helps you be more present on the coaching calls.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE WI-FI you can directly make a phone call. 

Here is the link and info for you to connect via our Zoom conference line:

>> Our Zoom Link:

>> Find your local number to connect by phone:

Put the Zoom link along with every coaching call time on your calendar so you have easy access to the link and won’t lose it. 

16. How to get the written training & homework

All the written training and homework will be coming to you via EMAIL. Make sure the following emails are added to your email address book to ensure you get all the important information we send via email.

Raeeka’s Email >> 

Bradi Roberts (Customer Success Director) >>

17. Where should I post my homework?

Post your homework on this designated post in the FB group. Here is the link:

You can also find it in the “Announcement Section” of the FB group. 

18. How can I be successful in this training?

  • Check your emails and read the content
  • Watch the training calls, or any of the replays if you miss a scheduled call
  • Post your assignments
  • Ask questions or ask for coaching by showing up to the coaching calls
  • Commit to focus on this 10-day training and truly utilize your access to me, because outside of this training clients pay me over $250 an hour to work with me personally.

19. Learn more about Raeeka, your dating coach

Learn about Raeeka by clicking on this link:

20. How does Raeeka helps women find love at Dating with Confidence™?

21. Get the book Dollars Flow TO Me Easily by Richard Dotts

Raeeka strongly recommends you read this book, as it is directly related to what she teaches in terms of stepping into your Irresistible Woman Being. You can get it:


1.  From Amazon ($9.99 paperback or $3.99 Kindle) or google it to get the FREE PDF and start reading it. (Watch the video to see why.) Those of you who read this will have a MUCH faster transformation in our time together.

2. You can download the FREE PDF here: