Are you wondering if dating coaching is right for you,
and if NOW is the right time?

To help you decide, see if any of the following resonates with you:

You are ready to live and love to your fullest potential – even if right now you are convinced that all the quality men are off the market and all you want to do is shut out the world.

You want shortcuts to a successful online dating profile, so you can attract the ideal man for you and stop choosing and attracting the type of man who has been wrong for you in the past.

You’re looking to break those deeply ingrained patterns that sabotage your potential for your best life and love.

You’re ready for guidance from someone who is enthusiastic, passionate, honest and caring.

You want to someone to help you heal from a broken relationship, move on from your pain, and ultimately open your heart to someone new and wonderful.

You want to find true love, and you are ready for the happiest, most exciting phase of your love life to begin.

You want to confidently and effectively communicate with the men you are dating about what you need, in a way that clearly express your needs, while never coming across as needy or high-maintenance. You want to leave shame and embarrassment behind.

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Working with Raeeka helped me review and reset my own behavior and values. It's very important to accept our responsibility in a break up, and not get stuck in the blaming game. Raeeka gave me tools to do that and move forward.

Ladan - Paris, France