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“Find Mr. Right This Holiday Season”


Why the holiday season is the *perfect* time to meet quality men, and I’ll give you my proven method to kiss the holiday blues goodbye and instead raise the chances of kissing Mr. Quality on New Year’s Eve

My step-by-step “Flirt with Class” formula to make a great first impression at holiday events and show him you are interested without chasing him or coming across as desperate

How to magnify your irresistibility and stand out to quality and relationship-ready men during this fun and festive time of the year and give yourself a chance to find love on your terms

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Session #1: What You Must Do Before Starting Your Day

Session #2: Recognizing & Removing Your Love Blocks

Session #3: Flirting With Class

Session #4: Where To Meet Men During The Holiday Season

Bonus Training: How to answer when asked “You still haven’t found someone?” or “I don’t understand, why are you still single?”