Tired of Dating The Wrong Men Over and Over Again?

Oct 31, 2017 | by: Raeeka

Susan Ball host of Broken To Blissful podcast and Raeeka Yaghmai talk about why smart and successful women seem to have trouble picking a relationship-ready man and how to identify the different kinds of men when it comes to dating and relationships.

Show Highlights

  • The healing power of being dumped by text message
  • what are the stories you’re telling yourself and how are they affecting your attraction radar
  • create the best version of yourself then tap into it to attract the right relationship
  • stop trying to ignore or fix the “red flags”
  • it’s about fixing and empowering yourself
  • 4 types of men who come across as relationship ready

Connect with Susan Ball

Website : www.susanball.ca
Podcast: www.susanball.ca/podcast

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