Discover The Biggest DATING Mistakes That Stop You From Attracting Mr. Right Into A Relationship With you

A FREE 12-Day Training

With expert dating coach Raeeka Yaghmai

For savvy, smart, & high-achieving women
who are ready to create their desired love life NOW!


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In This 12-Day Challenge You Will:

Uncover the most common dating blind spots that even smart single women are not aware of, so YOU can put an end to them once and for all

Learn the important information you need to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your love life and kiss dead-end dates good-bye

Be able to go on dates with the kind of information that will help you attract quality men and not repel them

Get my support to lay the foundation for creating success in your love life starting NOW

Get to interact with me personally, and get your questions answered so no stones are left unturned

Learning about my own specific blind spots was a game changer for me. Because of this knowledge, I went from continuously being in dead-end relationships, cheated on 11 times, and having a hard time attracting quality men for 12 years to being in a relationship with a quality, relationship-ready, and loyal man. If I can do it, so can you!

This training will give you the exact information you need to put an end to any dating pattern that is keeping you single, so you don’t let one more year go by wondering what you can’t attract mr. Right, and finally create the love life YOU DESIRE.  

We respect your privacy. We will never share your information.

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