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Create Success In Your Love Life NOW!

Are you wondering...

What’s affecting your dating success? Why can’t you find THE ONE?

In just 60 minutes, Raeeka can give you the honest, straightforward answers to those
questions that your friends, your mom, and your hairstylist haven’t been able to supply:

What’s keeping you single?

What’s holding you back from having a successful love life?

Why can’t your ideal man seem to find you?

Why do you keep attracting men who aren’t healthy for you and don’t give you the love and respect you deserve?

How are you coming across to men (and how is it damaging your dating and relationship success)?

Most importantly though, Raeeka will tell you what you need to do to CHANGE your approach to dating and your interaction with men, to create the love life that you’ve been dreaming of!

If you are ready to find love, but aren’t sure where to begin, Raeeka has made it easy for you! With 100% certainty, she considers the Dating Success Assessment to be the IDEAL starting point for your dating makeover! After all, how can you fix your approach if you aren’t even sure where you are going wrong?


“By taking 'Dating success assessment', I totally got what was my specific mistakes that i was doing in my datings. It was surprising to me because as we were going further in analyzing the results in a more than 50 minutes debrief with Dear Raeeka everything she said resonated with me, very specific and very clear. So at this time I know what should I fix.”

Haleh - California


dsaANoteThe Dating Success Assessment is one the most amazingly powerful tools I offer at Dating with Confidence™. I don’t want to see one more vibrant, exciting, and successful woman spend one more year of her life wondering where she’s going wrong with men and wondering why the high quality, relationship-worthy ones just don’t seem to be interested!

Why do I love this tool? Because this is EXACTLY the knowledge that saved me from a dysfunctional, untrusting, emotionally and financially abusive relationship. It’s with the knowledge of this very assessment that my whole love life turned around and led me to the love of my life, Tim.

If you are serious about finding love, I’ll help you save time, money, and heartbreak with this tool by giving the straightforward answers that you need and setting you on the right path to love. Using this awesome assessment, I can help you figure out the missing link in your approach to dating once and for all. In just an hour, you’ll get extremely valuable insight to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns – the ones that are blocking the way to YOUR LOVE LIFE SUCCESS and negatively affecting your dating life. Equipped with this valuable information, I’ll design a plan of action especially for you, and show you how to turn things around so you can start attracting the RIGHT man RIGHT AWAY!

The Dating Success Assessment is for you if:

You find yourself going on the same disappointing dates and getting into the same dead end relationships over and over again

You have achieved success in so many aspects of your life, but can’t seem to find the missing piece- someone to share it with

You are tired of being chronically single and are ready to find that special someone, but have no idea where to begin

You can’t seem to get the men you are interested in to commit to you

What is The Dating Success Assessment?

A 20-Minute Confidential Online Assessment*

A 60-Minute Private Debrief Session with Raeeka

DSA PRoduct Image-sm

What Will Change After Your Dating Success Assessment Session?

The Dating Success Assessment (DSA) is an in depth attitudinal assessment which will give you insight into the energy and subconscious messages you are sending out into the world, which affect how men view and experience you. The assessment will numerically index your behavioral pattern in a way that will make sense to you and reveal your hidden subconscious patterns and beliefs. This assessment will get to the bottom of your deepest questions and confusion about why, no matter how accomplished you are in your career, how many self-help books and magazines you read, how often you work out, and how on point you are with your wardrobe and beauty routine, you are still single! Let’s put it this way: this assessment is the expert insight that, up to this point, has been missing from your quest for love. It’s time to get serious and face your future with honest, helpful feedback that you can actually use! Taking the DSA is the pivotal step that will jumpstart your love life’s transformation process and enable you to achieve the result you want: to get on the road to finding REAL LOVE starting immediately! The people around you, no matter how close and trusted, are unlikely to be this honest, and may not know how to give you the insight you will need to get your love life to bloom.

With the DSA, you are less than an hour away from discovering your personal map to dating success, and beginning your journey to your own true-life love story.

After Your Dating Success Assessment You Will Know EXACTLY:

How you are coming across in dating, and how men perceive you based on the subconscious patterns and energy you are putting out into the world. (You may think you are putting on a good show, but negative signals may be broadcasting loud and clear without you even realizing it! Trust me, you can’t outsmart your subconscious beliefs! You have to change them.)

The specific reasons why you are not attracting HIGH QUALITY MEN.

What you are doing that is damaging your love life and keeping you single.

What you need to do right now to create SUCCESS in your love life and find REAL LOVE.

How Soon Will I Know My Dating Success Assessment Results?

I know that you want to get started quickly – I’ll make sure that happens!

Step 1: Take The Dating Success Assessment

Upon registering for your Dating Success Assessment, you will receive the online assessment via email within 24 hours on weekdays, 48 hours on weekends. Take the Assessment and hit the ground running!

Step 2: Schedule Your Session

You will also receive an email with an invitation to schedule your Debrief Session with me to review your results and learn what they mean for the next steps of your love life journey. If you do not receive these emails, please contact us via email for assistance.

* The “Dating Success Assessment” includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D., and licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.


“I took the Dating Success Assessment to see where I’ve been going wrong in relationships. After taking the assessment and going through the one-on-one debrief session with Raeeka, my eyes were opened to the fact that I have a tendency to approach dating in a very black and white, judgmental manner. That observation blew my mind! It’s amazing how close we can be to our own situation, that we don’t always see the forest through the trees. I am now much more aware of when I am being judgmental in my approach and looking forward to working with Raeeka to develop a more effective approach to dating.”

Sarah - New Jersey

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